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Detailed Rock Space WiFi Extender Manual for login & setup
Rock Space wifi extenders are considerably new in the market. However, irrespective of this fact, these devices have built their presence strongly. If you have recently upgraded to rock space wifi extenders, and are looking for help with the setup and login process, you’re in the right place. This website will walk you through the information that you need to know about preparing about the setup, logging in to the rock space wifi extender setup wizard and configuring the network settings easily. rock space Wifi Extender, rock space wifi extender setup, Re.rockspace.local, https://Re.rockspace.local, how to reset rockspace wifi extender, rock space wifi extender manual, re.rockspace.local login, https://re.rockspace.local login

Important-to-note details

Default Web address:

IP address:

When you are using the re.rockspace.local login wizard for the first time, you won’t require any admin username and password. Though once you are on the setup wizard, you can set the same easily. Once the same is complete, you can use those credentials to access the setup wizard in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of Rock Space Wifi Extender

What are the benefits of rock space Wifi Extender?

  • Firstly, it is easy to set up the rockspace extender and use it afterwards.
  • It promises to increase the network’s capacity and eliminate dead zones with a single press.
  • The extender provides a steady signal and good speed overall.
  • The Rockspace extender can also be used as a safety network accessory and supports WPA2, WPA2, and other security protocols.
  • Rockspace extender protects your important data.
  • It amplifies your WiFi into every corner of your home.

Requirements for Extender Setup

These are the things you will need in order to set up your Rockspace WiFi extender.

  • Rockspace extender
  • Ethernet cables
  • Stable internet connection
  • Any compatible browser
  • Extra cables
  • Any wifi enabled device( computer/laptop)
  • A power outlet nearby
  • A wifi router
Requirements For Extender Setup

http://re.rockspace.local login process

To begin with, you’ll first need to collect details regarding the login process. The default web address re.rockspace.local or the IP address can help you gain access to the login page. Further, you can access the setup wizard and begin with the network configuration steps. Apart from the default web address and the IP address, here are some additional details, you’ll need:

  • The main router SSID and the password to connect your extender to.
  • Default login credentials to access the setup wizard. You can find these details on the product manual or the product label of the device.

Proceeding with the http://re.rockspace.local login process

  • First, plug your Rockspace range extender in the power outlet. Power on the same. If the device doesn’t boot up, use the power on/off button and wait for the device to boot up.
  • You’ll now notice the power and status LEDs light up and eventually turn solid.
  • Second, connect the extender to a computer/smartphone using an ethernet cable or a wireless connection.
  • If you are connecting wirelessly, you’ll need to connect your device to the extender network manually. Go to the wifi network section on your computer/smartphone and click on the extender network name to connect to it. Note that you do not require any password to connect to the network for the first time.
  • Third, once the device is connected to the rockspace extender, launch a web browser and in the address bar type the default web address, and press Enter. You will now reach the rockspace extender login page.
  • Here, specify an admin username and password. This ensures that the next time you login, you can use these credentials to access the rockspace wifi extender setup wizard.

The rock space wifi extender setup process

Power on

Place the extender and router in the same place for a stronger connection. The extender should be plugged into the power outlet near the router. The power LED should change to blue. You should wait until it does.

You can set it up using a web browser

  • Connect the smartphone or computer to the extender’s network “rockspace_EXT”.
  • While using the computer, unplug the Ethernet cable. You should turn off the mobile data on your smartphone. The setup page will automatically appear once the connection is established with the client device. If the setup page doesn’t appear automatically, please follow the next steps.
  • Use any web browser to open the default IP address, or the web address Any password can be created and saved for future reference.

Not the extended network password, but the password to the management interface of the extender is what you are entering above.

  • Choose the wifi networker whose SSID you want to extend. To grant access to any third party, the SSID for the extended network can also be customized.
  • Lastly, enter the password for your wifi network that you have previously chosen. Check the password again. It must match the current wifi password.
You Can Set It Up Using A Web Browser
Relocating The Range Extender To Another Location

Relocating the range extender to another location

  • Move the extender to the new location, halfway between the router’s signal and the dead signal. You should ensure that the new location is within the router network’s range.
  • Turn on the extender, and wait for the signal LED to turn blue. If the signal LED does not turn blue, you should plug the extender closer to your router.
  • Look for extended wifi networks on your client device.

Rock Space WiFi Extender Setup- the WPS method

WPS attends for WiFi protected setup. You can use the wireless signals for inter-device communication and to sync them with each other for network configuration. Using the WPS feature requires both devices including the host and the client to support the function.

Here are some steps you can follow to sync your extender to the main router network:

Click the WPS button to set up

  • Firstly, place the extender in the same room as the router. Plug it into an outlet to turn on the power. The power LED should turn blue.
  • Press the WPS button on your router to extend the wifi network. After two minutes, you can press the WPS button again on the extender.
  • Wait until the signal LED turns solid blue on the repeater. If the signal LED fails to turn solid blue, you can try the following method.

Modify the position of the extender

  • Place the extender in a new location approximately halfway between the router’s signal area and the router. You must choose a location within the reach of the router network.
  • Turn on the extender. Wait until the LED turns blue. If the extender is still not working, place it in an outlet closer to the router.
  • Use the client device to connect to the extended WiFi network that you created in the previous step.

Notice: The password for the extended network must be the same password as for the existing wifi network.

Modify The Position Of The Extender

Connect an ethernet enabled device

After connecting the extender to an existing network, you will be able to connect a wired device using an Ethernet cable. The extender’s wifi connection will allow the device to connect to the network.

How do I access Roackspace's login page?

The login page for the Rockspace extender can be accessed. Alternatively, the IP address can be used. The default gateway is re.rockspace.local. You can change the settings by accessing the web-based utility. For the same, follow the instructions.

  • Begin by logging in to your router.
  • Enter the default IP address into the web address section of your browser.
  • Launch a Command prompt on your PC.
  • At the command prompt, type ‘ipconfig’.
  • The router’s access IP is shown in front of the default gateway.
  • After logging in to the router page, locate the list of connected devices. Find the IP address for the rockspace extender under the connected devices list. This will allow you to access the Rockspace extender’s login page.

How do I update Rockspace extender firmware?

You can update the firmware of the Rockspace extender by logging into the extender page. The IP address of the extender or the URL will allow you to access the extension page. We’ll now go to the next step to learn how to update the firmware to increase extender usage.

How Do I Update Rackspace Extender Firmware
  • Firstly, after logging into the rockspace extender login page, click on the “administration” button.
  • Now, you will need to choose the “Firmware Update” option in the section “Administration”.
  • Locate the most recent firmware file on your computer. The firmware upgrade will take about 2-3 minutes.
  • During the Firmware Update, your Rockspace Extender should restart. It is vital to make sure that the power is not turned off. An extender malfunction can occur if this happens.

It is crucial to only download the updates from its official website.

These are the key points to updating your firmware quickly.

Troubleshooting issues with rock space wifi extender

Unable To Access The re.rockspace.local Login Page

If you are unable to access the login page, there can be more than one reason for it. From not being connected to the extender network to using an incorrect web address to wrong device IP settings and more, troubleshooting the root cause is important. Here are some steps you can follow if you aren’t able to access the login page:

  • First, check if your device is connected to the extender network or not. If you are using a wired connection, check the connections at the port ends. Make sure they are secure in their places. Next, check if the cables you are using are in the best shape. If you find any signs of damage, it is better to replace the ethernet cables and use the new ones. Secondly, if you are connected wirelessly, make sure you are connected to the correct wireless network and not some other one.
  • Furthermore, check if you are using the correct web address in the first place. If not, correct it. You can use the web address as or the IP address as well.
  • Moreover, if you think the device IP settings are creating an issue with the login page access, recheck if the device is able to obtain the IP address dynamically. Henceforth, adjust the device DHCP settings accordingly and proceed with the setup process.

Outdated firmware issues

The device firmware is the backbone of your networking device and it is important that you keep it updated. This in turn will help you make sure your device is secure and the performance is not affected. If you find that outdated firmware is a reason behind you facing issues with the device performance, you can follow the steps:

  • First, login to your rockspace wifi extender setup wizard and navigate to the device administration page.
  • Secondly, under the firmware update section, click on the Check for updates button. The device will display a notification if there’s an update available. You may then proceed with clicking on the Update Firmware button to begin with the process.
  • Third, the status of the update will be displayed on the screen. Once the device is done downloading the firmware file, it will begin the installation automatically.
  • Note that the firmware update process may take some time and the device may restart several times during the process. Make sure you don’t power off the same or you’ll need to follow the backhaul process.

Need more help with resolving issues? Scroll down to find out.

How To Reset Rockspace Wifi Extender

How to reset rockspace wifi extender?

If you continue to face issues with the rockspace wifi extender setup process, you can reset your extender to the default factory settings. Moreover, using the reset process will reset the device settings to factory default. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • First, locate the reset button at the rear panel or at the bottom of the device. Second, press and hold the same for about 10 seconds until the LEDs on the front panel flash altogether.
  • Once they do, release the reset button and allow the device to boot back up.
  • Finally, you can proceed with the reconfiguration process now.

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